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Why Informasi

We manage the Technology, so you can Manage your Business’s Priorities


Informasi has been providing reliable solutions designed for our clients since 2013. We deliver value through carefully considered and expertly services, partnering with clients to fully support the stability and efficiency of network infrastructures.


Expect the following benefits: 


  • Never go without IT support again: We’re available to help 24/7.

  • Save money on technology products: We select only the best software that you truly need.

  • Maximize efficiency on the road: We’ll set up reliable remote access for your staff.

  • Benefit from proactive IT management: We make sure technology keeps your business moving forward.

  • We take the time to understand your goals and the IT needs of your business.

  • We’ll walk you through everything. Our managed IT service options help you select a plan that covers your needs – all within your budget.

  • We’ll manage your IT projects for you, such as office moves, virtualization, network or server configurations, O365 and server migrations.

  • Our experts will train your staff on new technologies, and then continue to provide off-site management to keep your business moving.


We know that successful businesses use IT as a strategic tool that positions them for growth, efficiency, and security. However, many businesses don’t optimize their investments or consider IT a strategic advantage. We know this often happens because navigating the ever-changing landscape of today’s technology can be confusing, complex and overwhelming. It can be intimidating, and we work to make this aspect of your business as seamless as possible. Our comprehensive approach focuses on IT optimization as an opportunity for your business to be more competitive and to grow, reaping the rewards of smart IT investments.


From our technical support, software solutions we represent to our managed IT services, we provide a complete and comprehensive solution for your unique business needs. Our IT services are tailored to help you increase productivity and efficiency, providing cutting-edge solutions that scale as your company grows.

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