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Your company has invested time and money in developing and growing its business. Do you feel that these investments are protected? Can you run your business without technology? Are your systems safe? Make your business cyber S.M.A.R.T.



Security Governance

Our team of Security Experts addresses board-level issues that affect the entire business. Our unique methodology ensures policies and procedures meet the requirements of both technical and non-technical leadership. We provide custom policy & procedure development, as well as conduct in-depth enterprise-wide IT vulnerability assessments. This aids in developing a roadmap to address organizational risk. These proactive measures allow you to meet industry/government regulations.



Managed Threat Detection

Gain true visibility into your enterprise. Remain ahead of the curve with strategic implementation and configuration of optimal protection measures, such as industry leading Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) and machine learning/AI tools.



Advanced Threat Response

Contain, isolate and remediate incidents in real time. Abacode provides 24/7/365 fully managed SIEM & Security Operations Centers (SOC) or co-managed virtual SOC monitoring as-a-service (vSOC) in order to take immediate action in the event of an incident or breach. Respond quickly to neutralize threats and rebuild your defenses with comprehensive remediation services.



Real-Time Optimization

Implement a Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model to address today’s threats with leading edge technology. We incorporate academic and independent research to create the most advanced continuous learning ecosystem.



Training& Education

Humans are your first and last line of defense. Commit to your team's ongoing cybersecurity education to keep everyone aware and vigilant. We incorporate both live, in-person seminar training as well as continuous, hands-on exercises to influence behavior.

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One Trusted Source for all Cybersecurity Products & Services


We provide companies with a single trusted source for all cybersecurity and compliance products, solutions, and managed services. Regulatory Compliance and Cybersecurity is extremely important to all types of businesses. 


Our no-cost security evaluation could save you thousands of dollars in time and money and provide the level of visibility you have not seen before.

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