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DRaaS Infrascale Disaster Recovery is a hybrid cloud-based disaster recovery as a service that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters.


Key Features 


Protected Systems-

Infrascale protects all your data from physical and virtualize environments, Windows, Linux, Unix, VmWare

and HyperV.

​15 Minute Failover Guarantee-

We offer an industry-leading 15-minute SLA for failover and have and average recovery time of

70 seconds.  

Drag and Drop Orchestration-

Use our drag-and-drop orchestration workflow editor to specify the order in which machines are

recovered, create groups of machines to boot simultaneously, and specify time intervals between system boots to ensure a smooth system recovery.

Software defined Networking-

Infrascale Disaster Recovery rebuilds your network automatically using software defined.

DR Testing-

With Infrascale, say goodbye to formal declarations of disasters.  Now, you can test with impunity with push button

ease and unlimited DR testing.

Ransomware Mitigation:

Don’t pay the ransom. Quickly recover operations by restoring a clean, uninfected version of your 

files, applications and systems.

Cloud Choice-

Replicate your data to Infrascale’s cloud, a private cloud, or popular third-party clouds such as Google Cloud, 

AWS, Azure, or IBM Bluemix.

Hybrid and Cloud Options-

Infrascale Disaster Recovery supports both hybrid cloud (local appliance + cloud) and cloud- only

approaches in a unified DRaaS solution.

Cloud Backup- Protect all of your data. Never pay a ransom. Sleep easier at night.

Key Features


Keep Unlimited Version History-

While some providers won’t let you access every previously saved iteration of your files

(e.g. only versions for the last 15 days), Infrascale Cloud Backup prvides an unlimited. 

Anomaly (Ransomware) Detection-

Infrascale Cloud backup includes anomaly Detection that proactively notifies you when

the changed file count surpasses a specified threshold. These early warnings can limit the amount the damage inflicted by ransomware while also pinpointing the time to infection.

Backup Data on any device-

with so many untethered laptops and mobile devices, IT is challenged with protecting distributed

data. Infrascale Cloud Backup supports the most popular operating systems and protects servers, workstations, laptop fleets, and mobile devices.

Store in any cloud-

By backing up your information in the could you can easily access, manage, and recover your data from any

device via our online web portal- log in from any browser, even your tablet or smartphone.  

Access Anytime and Anywhere-

For many IT organizations, protecting mobile devices and laptops, for remote users and branch

offices is a major headache. With Infrascale cloud backup, you can protect all of your data, no matter where it resides. 

Cloud Application Backup- protect Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce, and data from accidental deletion, malicious attacks and limited retention polices.

Key Features

Set it and Forget It-

Protect frequently changing business data, so it can be restored quickly and easily in the event of data

loss or corruption.

All Plans-

All Data-Backup all of your cloud data including email, contacts, files, tasks and calendar data in one place.

Stay in the Loop-

We’ll send you a daily report that includes both an overview and a more extensive summary of your 

backup activity.

Restore with Ease-

Drill down through backups by date or keyword search to quickly locate and recover individual items, or 

restore an entire mailbox, calendar.

Long Term Retention-

Stay in compliance and ensure your organization has unlimited storage and unlimited retention of your

daily archives.

Global Coverage-

Your data is securely archived within the US (default), or optionally to the EU or Australia.

Safety Deposit Box-

Keep your third-party cloud data safe from all forms of harm, inappropriate behavior and loss — quickly,

easily and above all, securely.

Data Export-

Easily export your data as a zip download containing industry standard EML, VCF and ICS formats, or Outlook

compatible PST formats.

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